Scary Copter

Version 1.1 available
Fast, fun and free helicopter game in halloween mood!
Scary Copter - Halloween Flight is fun and free variation of helicopter game. Fast and dynamic, yet smooth, responsive and predictable.
  • Cool, eye-pleasant look and nice music
  • Extremely fun flight model
  • Completely Free!
Requires Android 2.3 and higher.
Network connection required for online leaderboard.


Fly through narrowing tunnel, don't hit the walls. Avoid halloween pumpkins and enjoy scaaary landscape. Control broom with touching screen, stay alive as long as you can and have fun!
Compare your score with other players in Swarm Online leaderboard and unlock achievements!
Download now and check yourself - how far can YOU go?
Game is Made with LibGDX.
Music by: DST


Version 1.1

Released on November 9th, 2013
  • NEWOnline leaderboard
  • NEWAchievements

Version 1.0

Released on October 31th, 2013
  • NEWInitial Release



Contact Me

Scary Copter - Halloween Flight is free, home-made game, therefore I can't offer 24/7 support for it ;)
However, you can contact me about your ideas, suggestions, or bugs you find. I will have look at it as soon as possible.